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California DUI Lawyers and Drunk Driving Attorneys

A California DUI Lawyer improves your chances in Defending your case

There are many reasons why you should consider consulting with a California DUI Lawyer about your case.  The California DUI and Drunk Driving Laws are very strict and are designed for zero tolerance.  Because of the amount of accidents, injuries and deaths attributed to Drunk Driving, California DUI Laws seek strong penalties in an effort to deter future violations and to stop Drunk Driving.  The California DUI Laws punish DUI offenders in many cases in a much harsher manner than others facing charges for other criminal charges. A DUI conviction and more so in succeeding DUI convictions, you will see a more severe punishment than you would see for other crimes.

A California DUI Conviction can be very costly

A DUI can affect your Freedom and Criminal History:

A DUI is a criminal charge.  Drunk Driving is not a traffic offense, or petty crime.  It is a criminal charge that if convicted will appear on your criminal record, that will affect many aspects of your life.  A criminal conviction can affect your work or any licensing that you may apply for.  A criminal conviction in many cases result in the loss of your freedom with some of the penalties resulting in jail time.

A DUI can cost you your Driving License:

A DUI arrest can result in the loss, suspension or restriction of your driving privileges.  When you are facing DUI charges for a drunk driving offense, you risk losing your driving privilege not only from the criminal court system, but from the California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). 

Financial Implications of a DUI Offense:

A DUI conviction can be very costly financially.  There are many direct costs associated with a DUI conviction like court imposed fines, penalties, Drug and Alcohol Programs, Rehab, DUI classes, DUI Attorneys, etc.  What is not accounted for are the costs that result later due to a DUI conviction.  Costs like the increased rate on insurance, the loss of a state licensing, loss of employment, the cost of finding alternative methods of commuting if there is a restriction or loss of license, etc.

Regardless of the circumstances, a DUI is a serious matter that is costly in more ways than one would understand.  That is why regardless of your circumstances or situation, it is essential that you take your DUI seriously and consult with a Los Angeles DUI Attorney.

California DUI Attorneys R.J. Lluis and Associates

Ramiro J. Lluis has been representing Southern Californians for over 33 years in DUI and Drunk Driving related matters.  With constant involvement in DUI education and developments, Mr. Lluis is brings together experience and knowledge of over 33 years of DUI defense together with modern and advanced DUI strategies.

The Law Offices of R.J. Lluis and Associates can help you with defending your DUI case in the criminal courts and at the DMV. Our DUI Attorneys can assist in DUI expungements and other forms of DUI related post conviction relief. As well, our California DUI Attorneys can assist in special sentencing, weekend jails and special educational programs.

If you are facing a DUI in Los Angeles or in Southern California, it is in your best interest that you speak with an experienced and knowledgeable California DUI Attorney.  A DUI is a very serious matter that can have severe adverse affects on your life, don’t take it lightly as it won’t just go away.

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California DUI

Driving under influence can be a serious mistake in California which may put your future at stake. Driving with at least 0.08 level of alcohol in your blood would constitute a DUI and for commercial drivers level of alcohol above 0.04 would be chargeable.

        In California, DUI is a priorable offence which means that every time you are charged for DUI, your penalties would increase and if you have been convicted for a felony DUI, you are in midst of great catastrophe.

 To constitute a felony while driving under influence either of these must be present:

  1. you had been charged for fourth or more DUI within 10 years of your first proved charge
  2.  there has been a prior felony DUI charge on you
  3.  you caused bodily injury to anyone other than yourself or you committed a vehicular manslaughter.

        Bodily injury need not result in loss of work or health of the other person but if, there is no actual harm, it is on will of district attorney whether he wants to pursue the case like a felony or misdemeanor.

       The consequences of being charged for a felony DUI include at least one year of state prison, parole, higher fines, loss of license for a period of few years, alcohol abuse classes to name a few and these increase substantially with every mistake committed. Ideally you need help of California Criminal defense lawyer as soon as your license is confiscated by the officer because only a skilled DUI lawyer can help you to get maximum relief.

        California DUI arrests lead to 2 separate and independent cases and that are In the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and In Court. Proceedings of both these cases take place independent of each other and verdict of DMV does not affect the other but in certain cases conviction from Criminal Court may lead to suspension of license from DMV.

        Time is of great essence at both places but case with California DMV is far more time sensitive. If the accused driver does not request a hearing with DMV within 10 days from the date of his/her arrest, their driver’s license will be suspended automatically after 30 days from the date of arrest. This is also true for drivers licensed in other states but arrested for DUI in California. Also, if you have been arrested for multiple driving under influence, it becomes very crucial for you to consult a skilled and experienced California DUI lawyer who could prepare a solid defense for you as well as try to overturn your past DUI convictions because the jury in both DMV hearing and Criminal Court may be influenced by your prior convictions and would be willing to penalize you more harshly.

        DUI convictions have many repercussions but it is hardly the end of the world. A California criminal defense lawyer after conviction could petition the court to get your crime expunged only if felony could be reduced into a misdemeanor. An expunged crime can give you right in certain circumstances to legally say that you were never convicted.

       Other relief that your California DUI lawyer can get for you is Certificate of Rehabilitation and Pardon, both these although do not give you right to say that you had never been convicted but lifts many bans that were imposed on you due to felony DUI convictions.

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